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The photographs on this website were taken by Beverley Greasley during the course of Pet Care Services for each pet

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Full Terms and Conditions are supplied when a client wishes to Register with Happy Pets and Paws and commission any of its Services.


Clients will need to agree to HPP's Terms and Conditions if they wish to Register. Clients will complete a Booking Form and other paperwork as provided. These will form an important part of the client's Service Contract with HPP. If a new client wishes to commission HPP for a Service, a meeting will be scheduled, and for Home Boarding requests a meeting plus a Trial day's Home Boarding will be organised. Dogs need to be non aggressive and well behaved to be eligible for Home Boarding and for group walks. Pets should be vaccinated and kept up to date with their vaccinations. Dog vaccinations should include Kennel Cough intra-nasal drops if they are registering for Home Boarding and/or shared walks. Pets should be free of contagious and infectious disease, fleas and other parasites, and preventative treatments must be kept up to date.


Payment terms include payment before a service commences, (not in arrears). Home Boarding and block bookings for walks and home calls require a Booking Fee/Deposit. Cancellation fees may apply, depending on the service booked. Regular Clients who book on an ongoing monthly basis pay for services one month in advance. Details are set out in the Terms and Conditions which are supplied when a client Registers and in additional documentation supplied.




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Copyright © 2011 to 2018 Beverley Greasley T/A Happy Pets and Paws (HPP) Pet Care Services

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