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The photographs on this website were taken by Beverley Greasley during the course of Pet Care Services for each pet

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Home Boarding for Dogs


The Happy Pets and Paws Home Boarding Service provides a home from home for your dog. Beverley Greasley, the business owner and former Veterinary Nurse, holds a current Home Boarding Council Licence with a 5 STAR Defra rating and is fully insured. The Service is small and personal, where your dog is treated as one of the family, where they sleep in the lounge, enjoy the conservatory and garden, and travel around in spacious luxury and security in Bev's customised vehicle.  


The essence of HPP's Home Boarding Service is about each dog enjoying their stay, both at home and on walks in a properly managed way. If your dog is sociable and loves mixing and playing with other doggies, then you may want to progress to organising a meeting and Trial familiarisation day. For nervous dogs or antisocial dogs - we cannot expect all dogs to be sociable (many rescue dogs have a sad history) - you can source a home boarder that may suit your dog e.g. services who board dogs from a single household at a time.


Dogs are taken, travelling in comfort, to lots of different locations for exercise and play, making their holidays exciting and joyful. HPP's proven protocols and policies were developed to ensure, as far as it is achievable, the safety and happiness of each dog. Importantly, while exercising dogs (which is a big part of their care), Bev takes note of other people, children and dogs in the community and will manage a doggie group so as to not impact unfairly on others. In other words HPP looks after your dogs properly and respects others whilst doing so, reducing (as far as possible), the likelihood of incidents and accidents which can arise if a home boarder inadequately supervises and manages the dogs in their care - we employ distraction, intervention, praise and treats and toys, aiming for happy and incident free walks. An additional protocol HPP believes in is not to over-book the numbers of boarding dogs as that can create stress for the dogs; HPP’s licence is for 4 dogs, though we usually have fewer.


Dogs must be vaccinated, be treated regularly for fleas & worms, and must be well behaved in a home environment. Defra legislated in 2018 that in place of full vaccinations we (home boarders) may now accept positive Titre Test results.


HOME BOARDING PHOTOGRAPHS - dogs live in HPP’s home and travel in style





























We are sorry that we cannot board un-castrated male dogs, giant breedsbitches in season, or dogs with behavioural problems. It is also worth being aware that dogs who need a quiet home and canine solitude may not enjoy a multi dog household. 


Council Licence


When seeking a Home Boarding Service it is essential to look for a Licence number and/or contact the Licensing Department of your local Authority to ensure your home boarding provider is licensed.  Home boarding, however small the business, is not permitted by the authorities without a Licence.  You should also check with the Local Authority the maximum number of dogs each business is licensed for.  These parameters are set by the business in agreement with the Council with the dogs’ health, safety and welfare in mind.  You are entitled to view the Licence when you visit an establishment; it is required by law to be on display, so feel free to ask to see HPP’s Licence. When dogs from more than one household are boarded, an additional inspection by an approved Veterinary Surgeon is carried out. To pass these stringent inspections a Home Boarding business must maintain extensive records, accomplish high levels of safety and cleanliness, keep accurate records relating to disease control (vaccinations, flea/worm treatments, food prep & storage, etc), have an adequate First Aid kit and training, provide evidence of the business’s Risk Assessment and have Fire and Emergency plans.  SSDC Licensing Department: 01935 462134


The stages to register for Home Boarding

  1. Email or phone HPP to discuss your needs and find out about availability for the dates when you need care for your dog.
  2. If, having considered your dog's character you then decide HPP would be ideal for your dog, HPP will provide forms and accompanying Terms and Conditions of Business.
  3. A “Meet and Greet” will be arranged. Be prepared at that meeting to leave your dog to stay for a Trial familiarisation day or session – but if you, or your dog, are not happy you may change your mind at the meeting and not go ahead with the familiarisation session. 
  4. Bring your completed forms with you to your meeting, and please check that you and your dog will be complying with HPP's Terms and Conditions, e.g. vaccinations, veterinary care section.
  5. Following a successful Trial, if we have a happy owner, a happy dog, and the other dogs are HPP are also happy, you can be Registered and may then make future bookings with HPP, subject to availability.
  6. A Booking Fee/Deposit is payable to reserve a place when you wish to make a booking.
  7. If you pay your Booking Fee HPP will send you a Receipt by email and your dog will have his or place reserved.
  8. Payment for the balance of your booking is in advance of your dates, (more details will be emailed to you). 
  9. While you are away you have the option of receiving email or WhatsApp or text updates of your dog, or alternatively you may visit the Facebook page to see photos or videos. Clients who have WhatsApp on their smartphones will be able to receive photos and videos direct to their phones - highly popular.
  10. Sit back and relax! Your dog will be having a "holiday" too; it's not a case of them just 'boarding', they have FUN!


Collection and Return Service


Clients may book HPP’s pet taxi service if they are unable to take their dog to HPP’s premises.  An additional charge would apply outside Ilminster.  HPP could also help with trips to the vet if you need to book the Pet Taxi.


Dog Walking


A client will arrange a time with HPP, and supply a key, and HPP will call at your home to collect your dog. Clients may book 30 minutes, or an hour. Routinely dogs are walked from the client's home location.  But clients sometimes have the option, if a dog is suitable, for their pet to join Home Boarding dogs or Walk Appointment dogs, and may benefit from an out-of-town outing perhaps to a river or stream, a woodland walk or a trip to Ham Hill Country Park. Dogs travel in 5 Star luxury in HPP’s spacious vehicle - please see images above. Primarily the Dog Walking Service operates in ILMINSTER. However, clients who live up to 6 miles outside Ilminster are most welcome to register for Walks and Home Calls on the understanding that there will be the additional cost applied for the time added to the diary appointment for travelling to and from the client's property.


DOG WALK PHOTOGRAPHS - Dogs walks are enriched with a wide variety of locations and activities


Home Visits for Cats, Dogs, and other species


Contact HPP to book Home Visits, tailored to suit you.  Tasks can include:

Puppy Home Visits                         Cat Home Calls                          Comfort Break Home Visits          Cat Home Calls


Veterinary Nursing


When you book a Home Visit or Home Boarding and your pet needs extra attention, all you need to do is discuss and agree any treatment with HPP.  A small surcharge may be applicable if extra time needs to be allocated, or a customised rate would apply if your pet needs specific nursing care.


Care of your pets


For all pets, should there be any signs of illness or injury, HPP will arrange veterinary attention wherever necessary.  Every effort will be made to contact you by phone, text or email if your pet is unwell - all contact details will be requested and kept on record when you use HPP.  Pets on medication or with additional needs will receive particular care and their exercise/care tailored to meet their needs.  


While you are away you have the option of receiving emails, WhatsApp videos/photos, or texts so that you can enjoy knowing that your pet is healthy and happy. Clients may visit HPP’s Facebook page to see updates on their pet’s activities.

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