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About the owner of  Happy Pets and Paws

The photographs on this website were taken by Beverley Greasley during the course of Pet Care Services for each pet

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My name is Beverley Greasley.  I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1983, spending 18 years working in small animal veterinary practices, and accumulating over 38 years experience of caring for a wide range of species. All animals are provided with the highest quality care and individual attention which is delivered with dedication, enthusiasm and compassion.









Happy Pets and Paws was established in 2011 as a small and individual business based in Ilminster, Somerset. Running a Pet Care Service allows me to indulge my love of animals.  I take pride, and extreme care to run a very professional service.   A background in veterinary nursing denotes that HPP’s policies prioritise health, happiness, wellbeing and security of all pets. To assuage owners’ concerns when they have to leave their pets, owners have the option of receiving emails, photos, or texts, or clients can see updates on HPP’s business Facebook page.


I have worked and lived with animals all of my life.  Since childhood my own pets have ranged from mice to cats, while my particular passion and area of expertise lies with dogs.  As a veterinary nurse I ran Puppy Parties to start pups on the road to socialising, and to answer owners questions on house training, feeding and general health. I ran doggy obesity clinics to help owners reduce their dogs’ weight and improve their health and mobility. My own dogs have always been fun-loving, sociable Golden Retrievers, the perfect breed to take part in the daily life of their Pet Care Provider ‘mum’.  Sadly I lost my Golden Retriever bitch Fern in February 2013 and my darling Barley boy in January 2017. A new Golden Retriever is learning to take on the role of Doggie Socialiser and Companion and Playmate to the dogs I care for - her name is Flora.


You will be able to leave your pets under the care of HPP while you are on holiday, or when you book Dog Walks and Home Calls, safe in the knowledge that they are in good hands. If your pet needs veterinary nursing attention, medication, or requires any extra monitoring, you can be assured I will follow your instructions for their care.


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Established in 2011 in Ilminster, Somerset

Run by experienced, dedicated, and 100% reliable former  Veterinary Nurse




Copyright © 2011 to 2018 Beverley Greasley T/A Happy Pets and Paws (HPP) Pet Care Services

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