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Welcome to Happy Pets and Paws (HPP)

Ilminster’s original professional Pet Care Service run by a Veterinary Nurse

The photographs on this website were taken by Beverley Greasley during the course of Pet Care Services for each pet

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Beverley’s Golden Retriever Barley occurs throughout the site alongside clients’ pets. He died in January 2017



Pet care businesses vary in the nature of the services that they provide. The word 'Professional' denotes professional qualifications, extensive experience, Council licensed, insured, with conscientious effective protocols and policies in place to safeguard your pets. Happy Pets and Paws (HPP) is run by a former Veterinary Nurse who completed the BVNA training, qualified as an RVN, and spent many years working in veterinary practices. This adds an extra layer of competence, and affords reassurance for clients that their pets are in safe and genuinely professional hands. Services available include Home Boarding for dogs within HPP’s own property, Home Calls to client’s properties (for all species), and Dog Walking. The business covers the town of Ilminster and the surrounding area in Somerset. Caring for pets every day, including sensibly priced Weekend services. Bank Holidays are subject to availability.

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Veterinary Nursing Care

If a pet is on medication, has health issues, or simply needs competent and reliable monitoring, HPP is there to implement a proper and safe care package incorporated within any of its services.



Home Boarding and Day Care









Home Visits

A ‘Home Visit’ is when HPP will visit a client’s own home to attend to their pets. This could mean to care for cats while owners are on holiday, or to provide a comfort break for dogs, or to feed and clean out other species.  Visit the Services page for more information.




Dog Walks

HPP will call at a client’s property and either walk dogs direct from their home, or drive the dog to a suitable location for exercise.  The business vehicle, or the ‘Wagon’ as it is called, is customised to provide the optimum spacious comfort and security for its canine travellers, with a special rear window that fully opens for ventilation and visual stimulation (see picture Services page), a locked tailgate guard for when the vehicle is parked up with the tailgate open in warm weather while we have a picnic during a weekend outing, extra internal ventilation fans, and more.  Crates, large and small are available to be added if a client’s dog is not a seasoned traveller. Visit the Services page for images of the Wagon.















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Established in 2011 in Ilminster, Somerset

Run by experienced, dedicated, and 100% reliable former  Veterinary Nurse







Copyright © 2011 to 2018 Beverley Greasley T/A Happy Pets and Paws (HPP) Pet Care Services


Home Boarding and Day Care Licence 36238 to Dec 2021

South Somerset District Council       Defra Rating: 5 STARS

Refurbished in 2015, The Home Boarding Service provides boarding for clients’ dogs in a home environment where they share the lounge, large conservatory, decking and fully enclosed garden.  Visit the Services page for more details & images.